After dinner entertainment – mind reader

Mind reader, Adam Night

Mind reader, Adam Night

Mindreading, Mentalism, Thought Control, call it what you will. Whatever the best term, the practice is a fascinating, entertaining and light hearted look at the psychological subtleties of the human mind!

Adam Night’s thought control and mind reader show enters a whole new level of fun as Adam experiments in many areas of the paranormal and mind control. It is not education – it is strictly light hearted entertainment. Adam engages the audience whilst they witness right in front of their eyes things that would seem impossible. To put it simply, it is entertainment with psychological subtleties and mysteries of the mind!

mind reader

The show is usually between 40 and 60 minutes in duration. It is self contained, can be performed at most venues and occasions. It is a performance of mentalism with the emphasis on humour and audience participation. it is the perfect cabaret for after dinner entertainment or corporate entertainment. It is available as a stand alone show or as part of a package with the  comedy stage hypnosis show.

A mind reader will take your guests or delegates on a fascinating and humorous journey into the workings of the human mind. He will show you how, with a little skill and training, anyone could do what he does. He uses influence, body language, and lesser known psychological sublties to predict and influence your every move before you have even decided you are making it.

Shows can be custom or tailor made to suit most company brands or product launches. Even down to simple things like branding the show with your companies logo or designs, possibly even using some of your products within the show.
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