Number 1 comedy-hypnotist show 2017. Corporate Entertainer.

The UK’s Number One Stage Hypnotist!

(In his price range!)

The comedy stage hypnotist show by Adam Night.

The Comedy Stage Hypnotist Show, This is the  perfect choice for your after dinner entertainment. Corporate entertainment. Wedding entertainment  Event entertainment. In fact it is suitable for most venues and parties.
This is the ideal cabaret show. for parties. Christmas parties. and after dinner events. The show has comprehensive public liability insurance**.

Award winning Hypnotist 2016

Best Hypnotist 2016 award

How were you awarded that particular title?

The research, carried out by our team of highly experienced industry professionals, and the decision making process handled by our dedicated in-house judging panel took over 300 man-hours, during which time the teams worked together closely to ensure that only the most exciting, hardworking and innovative firms and individuals were recognised.



*By his wife!

Adam Night. is a member of ‘F.E.S.H.’

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What Can Adam Do For You? and . are the websites of Adam Night. They are the homes of  ‘the comedy hypnotism show’. Coupled with his mentalism and mindreading show. – ‘the power of the mind show’. Which lives at

His show is tasteful. and culturally sensitive. He has performed at Asian Weddings. Also Jewish functions. (even being booked direct by the Rabbi!). Plus various gypsy parties.

Comedy Entertainer.

comedy-hypnotism show

corporate entertainment – hypnotic show

Adam Night. has more than 35 years experience. He is. Possibly. Amongst the most famous comedy stage hypnotic shows. in the UK today. That is why he is the number one choice. For anyone wanting to book a comedy hypnotism show. Not only is he the leading performer. He is happy to discuss any party ideas with you. Especially if you want something different. Do you want a change from the usual stand up comedy scene? Well a “hypnotist comedian”. might be what you are looking for.

Comedy stage hypnotist show show.

The show is suitable for all sorts of events. including Weddings. After dinner entertainment. Corporate events. Universities. Colleges. Even pubs and clubs.

Why book Stage Hypnotist, Adam Night?

  • Entertainer of the highest quality. – Adam is very fast. extremely funny and very versatile. He can adapt the shows. so that they are suitable for any audience.
  • Exceptional value for money. – This show gets booked over and over again. Because he is one of the UK’s. most sought after entertainers.
  • Experience is important!. – With more than 35 years behind him. He delivers a smooth and immaculate performance.
  • Full Insurance (trance cover included). – **For most local authorities. this is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT. Plus it gives you extra peace of mind.

This show has been copied and imitated many times. – But never bettered!

Mind Reader.

Mind Reader

What is a Mind reader?

Take a moment and imagine. someone who can tell you things that only exist in your mind. Thoughts that nobody else could know!. Adam Night. mindreader. knows and predicts peoples actions before they even make them!

This show is totally different and unique. it is an incredible type of entertainment!

This mentalism show. has it’s emphasis on audience participation. Humour. and is about 40 to 60 minutes in duration.

Mentalist. mind reader. psychological entertainer. mind magician. – What ever you choose to call it. It is fast. Funny and extremely entertaining!


Did you know that there are three common mistakes people make. when booking a stage hypnotist show? (Click here to find out).

** This is a legal requirement. by most local authorities and councils.