Stage Hypnotist Show 2016 by Adam Night

The, award winning, Adam Night Comedy hypnotist show 2016 is a pure entertainment show aiming to create audience participation for double the fun. We want to get people Laughing out loud and rolling on the floor at an Adam Night show. He turns the volunteers into the stars of the show by letting them think that they are award winners, lottery winners or even rock stars. Even if you are the sitting in the audience, you will not be able to control your laughter after watching the volunteers do funny and ridiculous things. With his extraordinary personality, he delivers an amazingly entertaining performance which makes the audience energetic and happy. His 30 years of experience adds an untouchable quality to every show. Once the participants attend his shows, they would never forget the mesmerizing moments and this show would be an unforgettable event of their lives.

Are you out of ideas for a making you parties full of fun? If you want to make your corporate events, fundraising events, Wedding parties or any private parties full of entertainment then hire the greatest entertainer Mr. Adam Night. He is clean, funny and a real time entertainer. He can even entertain your guests or colleagues in your conference room, lounge room or club.

Some people have concerns about these shows that people are not physically or mentally safe. This is due to the reason that people are not aware of what these shows actually are. Here we will clarify the misconceptions about hypnotist show.

While being hypnotised, can a person do anything against their will?

Hypnotism is not a state of illusion rather it is an altered state of mind which is purely natural. The answer is No. No person can do anything against their will, self-belief or ethical beliefs. They are deeply focused in their sub-consciousness. They will not do anything which they wouldn’t do in their routine life. As a matter of fact, some hypnotised people don’t respond to the suggestions of the hypnotist because they don’t want to.Hypnotist Show This shows that it is 100% under control of the hypnotised subject. They can say No at anytime. The decision making power rests with the hypnotised, not the hypnotist.

Do people get stuck in a hypnotic state?

No this is just a myth. There is a self-protective sense in every human mind. It will never let someone do that. Even if a hypnotist fails to put him back into consciousness, the person will wake up after sometime and the hypnosis state will be over.
Even if a volunteer is no interested anymore in participating in the hypnotist show, he/she can wake up anytime and leave the show. So it is fully dependent on the will and interest of the volunteer or participant when to leave or continue. Being hypnotised in a show is just like taking a wakeful nap. When the show ends, participants feel relaxed and refreshed. They would always remember it as a refreshing event and would want to participate again and again.

Is a Hypnotist show safe?

Yes, they are. If they had not been safe, hypnotist shows would not have been as popular and liked as they are today. It is not dangerous to anyone. Hypnosis causes no harm to mind or body rather it is being used as an alternative treatment to aid mental conditions, fears and phobias in some clinics in the form of hypnotherapy. The medical community accepted hypnotism for treating chronic pain in 1996. It has gained huge credibility in last decade. Professor Spiegel, while talking to BBC News Online, told that hypnosis is an effective and safe way to cure anxiety and to learn to manage response. So, it is very much beneficial and a way of treating mental disorders. Good hypnotists like Adam Night always make sure no one in the show is harmed mentally or physically.