Stage Hypnotist Show 2016 by Adam Night

The, award winning, Adam Night Comedy hypnotist show 2016 is a pure entertainment show aiming to create audience participation for double the fun. We want to get people Laughing out loud and rolling on the floor at an Adam Night show. He turns the volunteers into the stars of the show by letting them think that they are award winners, lottery winners or even rock stars. Even if you are the sitting in the audience, you will not be able to control your laughter after watching the volunteers do funny and ridiculous things. With his extraordinary personality, he delivers an amazingly entertaining performance which makes the audience energetic and happy. His 30 years of experience adds an untouchable quality to every show. Once the participants attend his shows, they would never forget the mesmerizing moments and this show would be an unforgettable event of their lives.

Are you out of ideas for a making you parties full of fun? If you want to make your corporate events, fundraising events, Wedding parties or any private parties full of entertainment then hire the greatest entertainer Mr. Adam Night. He is clean, funny and a real time entertainer. He can even entertain your guests or colleagues in your conference room, lounge room or club.

Some people have concerns about these shows that people are not physically or mentally safe. This is due to the reason that people are not aware of what these shows actually are. Here we will clarify the misconceptions about hypnotist show.

While being hypnotised, can a person do anything against their will?

Hypnotism is not a state of illusion rather it is an altered state of mind which is purely natural. The answer is No. No person can do anything against their will, self-belief or ethical beliefs. They are deeply focused in their sub-consciousness. They will not do anything which they wouldn’t do in their routine life. As a matter of fact, some hypnotised people don’t respond to the suggestions of the hypnotist because they don’t want to.Hypnotist Show This shows that it is 100% under control of the hypnotised subject. They can say No at anytime. The decision making power rests with the hypnotised, not the hypnotist.

Do people get stuck in a hypnotic state?

No this is just a myth. There is a self-protective sense in every human mind. It will never let someone do that. Even if a hypnotist fails to put him back into consciousness, the person will wake up after sometime and the hypnosis state will be over.
Even if a volunteer is no interested anymore in participating in the hypnotist show, he/she can wake up anytime and leave the show. So it is fully dependent on the will and interest of the volunteer or participant when to leave or continue. Being hypnotised in a show is just like taking a wakeful nap. When the show ends, participants feel relaxed and refreshed. They would always remember it as a refreshing event and would want to participate again and again.

Is a Hypnotist show safe?

Yes, they are. If they had not been safe, hypnotist shows would not have been as popular and liked as they are today. It is not dangerous to anyone. Hypnosis causes no harm to mind or body rather it is being used as an alternative treatment to aid mental conditions, fears and phobias in some clinics in the form of hypnotherapy. The medical community accepted hypnotism for treating chronic pain in 1996. It has gained huge credibility in last decade. Professor Spiegel, while talking to BBC News Online, told that hypnosis is an effective and safe way to cure anxiety and to learn to manage response. So, it is very much beneficial and a way of treating mental disorders. Good hypnotists like Adam Night always make sure no one in the show is harmed mentally or physically.

Comedy Hypnotist of the year 2016

Adam Night is the best comedy hypnotist in the U.K. Winner of the TMT News – Best hypnotist comedian 2016 – UK. His comedy shows are highly energetic and thrilling. Thousands of successful shows and decades of experience are what make him the most suitable  hypnotist for your events. There is nothing more exciting than an electrifying comedy hypnosis show where the fun never ends.

Why should you book Adam Night?

  • Experience

    With 30 years of experience, Adam Night is one of the most admired hypnotists in the U.K. So many other hypnotists have got training from this incredible hypnotist. It will be highly unfair to skip the fact that Adam Night has been a popular TV Hypnotist not only in the U.K but abroad as well. He is also one of the council members of the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists (abbreviated as F.E.S.H).

  • Appropriate for all ages

    All the shows of famous comedy hypnotist Adam Night are modern, clean and appropriate for all ages. comedy hypnotistFun and laughter is guaranteed even the difficult audiences will find themselves laughing and cheering in the show, that’s we say that a comedy hypnosis show from Adam Night is suited to every type of audience. Everyone laughs and applauds loudly. His shows are pure fun for both attendees and volunteers. Remember the volunteers are not humiliated ever.

  • All events

    He performs not only in corporate events but also in theatres, festivals, private parties, weddings and birthday parties at very affordable prices. It will perfectly fit your budget and after seeing your guests enjoy the show, you will never regret your decision to book him. You will always feel proud to hire this incredible hypnotist.


  • Customised shows

    He delivers according to the requirements of clients i.e. a customized show meeting the corporate goals and objectives. You can brief Adam Night, the hypnotist, about what exactly you want the hypnotist show to focus on.

  • Audience participation

    Using the power of hypnosis, he will make volunteers form the audience do hilarious things. The purpose of involving the audience is to make the show more lively and energetic. His shows are not offensive to any one from the audience or anyone else. In the beginning of the performance, Adam Night does a brief and introductory interaction with the audience which makes all the people eager to participate and volunteer themselves. Here volunteer jump and shout thinking that they just won big amount in a lottery. They feel as they have become rock stars and dance with joy. They speak a language unknown to them. The great thing is that these people cannot forget the blissful moments their whole life. Such gestures make the audience burst into laughter. But the hypnotised people enjoy more than the audience as this event give them the chance to become whatever they want, dance in whatever way they want and feel lucky ones. Here you don’t find any person getting bored.

Book the Best Comedy Hypnotist:

Adam Night is undoubtedly the most entertaining hypnotist in the U.K who let your guests experience a unique and memorable event which they will remember for so years. Your guests will experience non-stop giggling and laughter as the event will be unbelievably humorous and funny. The hypnotist will make the volunteers feel becoming celebrities, super heroes, musicians or dancers. Fun and entertainment will be at its peak, but no one will be humiliated. Every guest will enjoy Adam Night’s outrageously entertaining show. So what are you waiting for? Energize your gatherings and events by booking the best comedy hypnotist and hypnotist in the U.K. It is guaranteed that his performance will exceed your guests’ expectations. You will be thanked by your peers for hiring such a dynamic entertainer and organizing such a hilarious event filled with entertainment. They will keep asking you about the event in the future become this will become an unforgettable event for them.

Stage Hypnosis – History and Intro

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “ Stage Hypnotist ”? Most people start imagining scenes of popular hypnosis movies or stories from books. They imagine a man swinging his mysterious old-fashioned pendulum or watch back and forth, putting the audience into a deep sleep. Sometimes the victims are hypnotized in such a way that they start following all the commands, no matter how silly or unconvincing these are

Or perhaps you have seen the hit TV series “Back in the room” with Philip Schofield and TV Hypnotist Keith Barrie! Very popular on a Saturday night and now in it’s second series.

Now let’s see what happens in the real world. The actual hypnotism is quite different than the fictitious hypnotism you always have been fanaticizing. In real, today’s hypnosis is neither scaring nor boring. Now you do not have to become a slave by obeying the commands of a hypnotist, and he is not going to make you fall asleep. Today the hypnotism has changed radically. Today’s Hypnosis shows are full of entertainment, comedy and fun. They have become versatile these days.


Historians do not have any record of the beginning of Hypnosis. This clearly shows that it started with the evolution of humanity. Religious ceremonies also used hypnosis to put followers in trance state though at that time it was not named as hypnosis. It was 1842 when a Scottish surgeon James Braid derived hypnosis from the Greek word “hypno” which means “to sleep”.  Interest in hypnosis started fading away due to a huge number of fraudulent and fake  hypnotists. As a result history witnessed an immense number of demonstrations by public all around the world. In the 19th century, the interest of people in hypnosis revived with the success of the pioneer of American Stage hypnosis Ormond McGill. He introduced hypnosis as a form of TV entertainment. Not only this, Ormond McGill wrote the book “The Encyclopedia of Genuine Stage Hypnotism” in 1947 which is still very famous in the world of hypnosis and known as “Bible of Stage Hypnosis”.

Famous Stage Hypnotists:

stage hypnotist

Peter Casson was possibly one of the first big names in Comedy stage hypnosis shows in the UK, performing all over after the second world war to sell out houses, often playing for weeks at a time at the same theatre. Robert Halpern, another famous comedy hypnotist, was considered as the best stage hypnotist of his time until the arrival of the amazing stage hypnotist, Andrew Newton. Robert Halpern lead hypnosis in Scotland and Andrew Newton received a huge fan-following in Leeds, Liverpool and New Zealand. In the late 1980’s, Andrew Newton was the unrivaled king of stage hypnosis until the appearance of Paul McKenna.

1952 Hypnotism Act:

In the UK, Stage Hypnosis was revived with the introduction of 1952 Hypnotism Act that was aimed to protect the public from fraudulent and incompetent hypnotists. Then in 1994, an experts’ panel was formed to examine what harm it might cause to people who take part in stage hypnosis shows and to check the effectiveness of the law. After detailed examination, it was concluded that there was no serious risk involved, and any risk that does exist is far less than that involved in other entertainment shows.

Now in the UK, the stage hypnosis show is famous as both a form of corporate and public entertainment. There are online courses available on hypnosis techniques but by learning tricks from online courses, you can’t match the expertise of experienced hypnotists.

ADAM NIGHT – Today’s Best Stage Hypnotist:

If you want to enjoy best hypnotic entertainment in your next event, then your first choice should be Adam Night who is the best Hypnotist in the United Kingdom today. Adam Night is known as one of the UK’s most versatile and entertaining Stage Hypnotists. If you want to make your event a mesmerizing one, then book his show right now.